8:00 PM A grandmother calling for her 11-year-old grandson, who accidentally took an additional dose of his Concerta (methylphenidate) this evening.
8:04 PM Parents accidentally doubled dosed their 3-year-old son with 10mg total dose of Zyrtec (cetirizine).
8:05 PM A nurse calling for a 16-month-old male whose mother found him chewing on an unknown blue pill 1 hour ago.
8:06 PM A healthcare facility calls regarding a 33-year-old male who was exposed to an industrial strength bleach to his right eye.
8:14 PM Mom calls about 10-month-old daughter who received incorrect dose of cefdinir antibiotic due to incorrect labeling at the pharmacy.
8:22 PM A mom reported that her 18-month-old, 21lb daughter bit into a Cascade Dishwashing Pac and got a taste in her mouth.
8:30 PM A caller states that their 6-year-old dog ate 2 blocks of unknown rat poison.
8:40 PM A 68-year-old woman called asking for advice after she accidentally brushed her teeth with her 1% hydrocortisone cream instead of her toothpaste.
8:44 PM **ROBO CALL** (we get about 3-4 a day!)
8:46 PM A mother reported that her 4-year-old son doubled dosed on his allergy medication and received 25mg of diphenhydramine total.
8:48 PM An urgent care calling to report a dog bite in an 8-year-old female and wanted recommendations for rabies vaccinations.
8:49 PM Healthcare facility calls in with a 3-year-old female believed to have ingested several Children’s Flintstone Multi-vitamin Complete Gummies.
8:52 PM Dad calling for his 2-year-old daughter who received 13.5mL of Infant’s ibuprofen 50mg/1.25ml instead of Children’s ibuprofen 100mg/5ml.

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