9:00 PM Dad calling for 4-year-old daughter, who punctured a stress relief ball & licked the inside contents.
9:05 PM Pet owner calling about 9-year-old dog who ingested 60 prenatal vitamins with iron.
9:07 PM Emergency department nurse calling about 18-year-old male that overdosed on his Lexapro (escitalopram) and Seroquel (quetiapine).
9:08 PM Caller asks if she can take her Benadryl (diphenhydramine) tonight since she took 1 tablet of naproxen 500mg at about 5pm.
9:09 PM An 83-year-old woman called because she accidentally took 3 of her benzonatate 100mg tablets instead of only 1.
9:11 PM Internal medicine doctor calling about elevated aspirin level in a 62-year-old female.
9:15 PM Doctor calling for a 63-year-old female who had a carbon monoxide exposure, after turning on the heat in her house for 1 hour.
9:17 PM Mom calls in about 10 mins after her 2-year-old son accidentally received 15mL of Children’s Benadryl (diphenhydramine).
9:17 PM Doctor calling from emergency department for 20-year-old male who had antifreeze splash in both eyes.
9:22 PM Mom calling about her 5-year-old daughter, who got some of the contents of AA batteries on her hands after the family dog chewed it up.
9:32 PM A mom calls about 14-month-old who may have consumed at max, 1/2 pellet of rat poison that was placed by pest control 2 days ago.
9:35 PM A mom reporting that she accidentally gave 1 tablespoon of Children’s Tylenol Suspension (acetaminophen) to her 3-year-old daughter instead of a smaller dose.
9:39 PM Dad states his 5 month old son ate at most, a taste of nystatin ointment.
9:40 PM Mom of a 2 year old male calls in about 5 mins after the child ingests 2 Orignal Strength All-Day Allergy Relief tablets (cetirizine).
9:40 PM Dad states that 8 month old son slipped in tub and ingested half mouthful of Baby Aveeno Eczema Treatment.
9:41 PM Nurse calling from a hospital about 15 year old male who ingested about 1/4 bottle of toilet bowl cleanser in attempt to self-harm.
9:45 PM Owner of a puppy called for advice after finding out that the pup had ingested a unknown amount of a rat poison bait block.
9:45 PM A mom reported that both she and her husband gave their 2 year old, 30lb son 2 melatonin Chewables Tablets unknowingly instead of 1 tablet.
9:51 PM A mother is calling after finding her 2 year old son with one tablet of Excedrin (acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine) in his mouth.
9:52 PM A 37 year old woman calls about possible exposure to carbon monoxide, propane tank was left on without the pilot light on in the enclosed sunroom since late morning today.
9:59 PM A father of a 4 year old girl reported that she may have ingested some of her older siblings lip balm.

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