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National Poison Prevention Week

March 21-27, 2021

National Poison Prevention Week raises awareness of poison prevention nationwide during the third full week of March every year. The week is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings for people of all ages and promote community involvement in poisoning prevention.

The National Poison Prevention Week Toolkit below will help you plan and implement activities to raise awareness of poison prevention during the third full week of March each year.

The Georgia Poison Center and AAPCC would like to thank you for your assistance with our poisoning prevention efforts.

NPPW 2022 Content:

1. NPPW 2022 Partner Toolkit   (Download Here)

2. NPPW 2022 Partner Images (Download Here)

3. Poison Prevention Week Proclamation (Download Here)

4. Activities for Children

Poison Prevention Hero Resources

Tox Tales

5. Activities for Teens

Poison Trivia on Kahoot! Resources:

Career Day:

6. Activities for Adults

Poison Myths vs. Facts

7. Activities for Older Adults

Poison Brain Games

8. NPPW Poster & Video Contest (Click Here)

This year’s theme is “Poison Awareness and Control is for Everyone!”

Poster Showcase for Grades K-4:  Kids are invited to participate in a poison safety poster showcase. All participants will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.

Video Contest for Grades 5-12: Kids are invited to participate in a video contest. Videos will be featured on the National Poison Prevention Week Video Gallery, social media platforms and will be eligible to win prizes. All participants will be recognized by the council.  The Grand Prize is $1000 which will be split $500 to the kid(s) that produced the video and $500 to the sponsoring organization.

The deadline for both the showcase and the contest is Feb 17, 2022 at 11:59 CST.  









2021 Archived Events:

AAPCC Partner Chat
Parents and guardians, join us as we kick off #NPPW21 with an AAPCC and SafeKids discussion on ways to prepare, prevent, and protect against poisonings.
Archived Event: Click Here
Virtual Storytime and Tox Tales
Looking for a fun and creative way to teach your little ones about poisonous creatures? Join us this #NPPW21 for Storytime: “Poison Alert!: My Tips to Avoid Danger Zones or Home” and Tox Tales: Creepy Crawlies and Venomous Creatures.
Archived Event: Click Here
Toxic Trivia for Teens: A Not-So-Trivial Quiz Game
Looking for a fun and creative way to teach teens about poisons? Join us for a #NPPPW21 Kahoot Tox Trivia Game. The game will introduce basic poisoning prevention concepts relevant to teens (i.e. vaping dangers, childhood poisoning prevention, and how the poison center can help).
Archived Event: Click Here
Teacher’s Guide: Click Here
Direct Link to “Toxic Trivia For Teens” Kahoot: Click Here
Tox Talk: When Life Happens…We Have Answers
Join us for a #NPPW21 Tox Talk: When life happens…we have answers. This Tox Talk will feature 2 specialists in poison information from the Georgia Poison Center and the Missouri Poison Center and 2 educators from the Washington Poison Center and Virginia Poison Center. Learn about poison centers and the type of calls we receive.
Archived Event: Click Here
Virtual Escape Room – Can you solve the poison prevention riddles?
Can you solve the poison prevention riddles? Learn about potential poisons found in the home with the #NPPW21 Virtual Escape Room.
Enter Escape Room: Click Here