7:03 PM A female accidentally drank a mouthful of Mr. Clean.
7:03 PM Mom calling about her 22-month-old daughter that may have eaten 20mg of melatonin.
7:03 PM Mom is calling because she gave her 2-week-old son an adult dose of vitamin D3 for 3-4 days.
7:25 PM Mom calls about 4-year-old son having eaten 7 melatonin gummies.
7:26 PM A burn center doctor reported that a 33-year-old, 210lb male was working with boron potassium nitrate (pyrotechnic initiator) when it sparked and caused a 2nd & 3rd degree burns to his arm.
7:29 PM A daughter is calling after realizing her 81-year-old mother ingested the wrong dose of gabapentin 300mg.
7:31 PM Emergency department nurse calling about 34-year-old female that overdosed on her gabapentin, melatonin, and hydrocodone with acetaminophen.
7:34 PM A mom of a 23-month-old son calls in about 10 minutes after he ingests 2 Flintstone Children’s Multi-vitamins with Iron tablets.
7:34 PM Mom found her 6-month-old daughter sucking on a Downy Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet.
7:37 PM Mother reported that her 15-month-old daughter squirted a bit of toilet bowl cleaner in her mouth, however, very little was actually ingested.
7:39 PM Nurse calling for a 2-year-old female that drank 1/2 bottle of Children’s Benadryl (diphenhydramine).
7:53 PM A mother is calling after discovering her son sucking on the wick of an Airwick Scented Oil Air Freshener.
7:58 PM Daughter calling because her mom took one Unisom sleep and immune support tab (vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea) and then another in 1.5 hrs.

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