4:03 PM Doctor calling for a 19-year-old female who reported taking 24 tabs of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 25mg last night in a suicide attempt.
4:10 PM Mom calling via 911 about her 7-year-old daughter ingesting a mouthful of Shout Laundry stain remover from a sprite can.
4:12 PM Dad calling because his 2-year-old son got some Clorox toilet bowl cleaner on his fingers and tasted his hands.
4:19 PM Nurse calling from the emergency department, 2-year-old female had the parent’s cyclobenzaprine 10mg bottle, total 9 missing and parents are unable to know how many were taken prior, as it was an old prescription.
4:23 PM Caller was trying to help the pet store employee catch a feeder mouse and they were both bitten in the process.
4:37 PM Caller states her dog got into some hair dye and ingested it.
4:55 PM Owner calling about her 54lb female dog that possibly ate part of a Dracaena Draco plant in her house.

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