3:00 PM Caller for a 15-year-old friend who swallowed a small amount of body lotion by mistake.
3:04 PM Caller is a law enforcement officer who wanted a few pills to be identified after a traffic stop.
3:05 PM Hospital called about a 68-year-old alcoholic that arrived lethargic at 2am today and the doctor is concerned about unusually low sodium.
3:11 PM Mom calling about her 22-month-old son that drank some water mixed with dish soap.
3:25 PM Mom calling for her 13-month-old daughter who took a bite of a remnant of a fire starter log from the fireplace after it had been used.
3:32 PM **BUTT DIAL**
3:33 PM Mom calling about her 4-year-old daughter that got into her bottle of cetirizine and drank it all.
3:38 PM Mom calling for her 22-month-old son who has ingested a sip of 100% acetone nail polish remover about 2 minutes ago.

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