5:02 PM Mom calling because her 12-year-old daughter took a 200mg ibuprofen and then shortly afterward drank 10ml of Children’s acetaminophen with 160mg/5ml.
5:05 PM An EMT called about a 29-year-old male who recently overdosed on his tramadol.
5:05 PM A mom calling for her 4-year-old 54lb daughter who has ingested a taste of boric acid “homemade slime activator” about 5 minutes ago.
5:06 PM A mother called after finding her 2-year-old son with an open bottle of Excedrin Migraine (acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine).
5:07 PM An owner of a 5-month-old dog, called stating 30 minutes ago it chewed up a container of Cutter Concentrate Insect Killer and possibly ingested some of the pesticide.
5:10 PM A mom calling because her 3-year-old daughter ingested 4-6 Claritin (loratadine) 5mg chewable tablets.
5:13 PM A nurse practitioner calling from doctors office, about an 18 year that got a horse and stable insecticide on her while spraying her horses and chickens a few days ago.
5:32 PM An aunt reported that her 2-year-old, 22lb niece possibly ingested one potassium chloride 20mEq tablet that belonged to the child’s mother.
5:40 PM A caller’s dog ingested a mini Rubbermaid blue ice pack.
5:41 PM Mom calling about her 21-month-old daughter eating a corner piece of a printed cardboard picture.
5:45 PM A mom of an 11-month-old boy, calls in about 10 minutes after he has ingested 1 – 2 tastes of a Bath Bomb, a scented bath soap product.
5:48 PM An emergency department calling about a 27-year-old male who intentionally ingests 4 tablets of Abilify (aripiprazole) 20mg.
5:49 PM A mom reported that her 8-year-old, 126lb son possibly inhaled 2 puffs of her Breo Inhaler (fluticasone and vilanterol) 100mcg.
5:58 PM A mom calling because her 2-year-old daughter had a 20mg omeprazole capsule in her mouth and ingested about 1/4 of it.
5:59 PM A 26 year old female calling to report a new development regarding breathing symptoms, as she cooked with an electric smoker outside her front door yesterday for 7 hours.

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