2:05 PM Owner of a dog calling because the pup chewed a tube of artist paint.
2:07 PM Emergency department nurse calling about a 35-year-old male and a 25-year-old male who both got sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray 2 hours ago.
2:15 PM Adult male calling stating he ate a small piece of aluminum foil that was stuck to bottom of his pizza.
2:18 PM An 18-year-old 172lb male ingested a taste of ethyl alcohol mouthwash 5 min. ago while gargling.
2:21 PM Veterinarian called about concerns of rabies in a never before vaccinated cat that was attacked by an unknown animal.
2:22 PM Emergency department doctor calling about a 47-year-old male brought in for presumed ethyl alcohol and salicylate intoxication.
2:24 PM A mom calling about a 5-month-old that sucked on a Lysol Mango and Hibiscus Disinfecting Wipe.
2:25 PM Adult male calling stated he drank a pint of antiseptic mouth wash to get intoxicated and is worried he has harmed himself.
2:26 PM Mom called about 4-year-old who ingested Liquid Stitch permanent adhesive.
2:39 PM Caller wanting clarification about correct use of Proctozone-HC (hydrocortisone) 2.5% cream and warning “for external use only”.
2:40 PM Doctor calling from the emergency department regarding a mother who is slightly symptomatic and her daughter who is asymptomatic due to carbon monoxide exposure over the past 1.5 week.
2:42 PM Mom calling about her 2-year old that ingested his own diarrhea.
2:52 PM Call from a hospital regarding an 18-year-old female who intentionally ingested about 50 tablets of an old acetaminophen bottle, 500mg.
2:54 PM Caller accidentally drank hydrogen peroxide 3% that was put into a water bottle.

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