While family pets and furry friends may not be going back to school in the fall, they are important to consider in back-to-school safety. Many common foods are potentially toxic to pets at home, especially pet dogs. These foods include chewing gum (which contains xylitol), grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, and onions, all of which may be packed in your child’s lunchbox! After a tiring day of school, children may toss their backpack and lunchbox on the floor or in a place easily accessible by a family pet sniffing for some extra food.

To protect your furry friends and save yourself a call to the animal poison center, be sure to encourage children to throw away all leftover food in their lunch box. Additionally consider designating an area in your home for backpacks/lunchboxes that is out of your pet’s reach. If you find yourself with an animal poisoning emergency, don’t fret! The ASPCA offers a 24-hour emergency line, for a fee, at 888-426-4435.