11:00 PM Woman calling for her boyfriend’s son who ingested a small amount of topical lice mousse during treatment.
11:05 PM A nurse from the emergency department called about a 48-year-old female who took a “handful” of Effexor (venlafaxine) and Xanax (alprazolam) in an attempt to self-harm.10:06 PM Nurse calling from a local hospital to report a 2-year-old male who drank 15 mL of concentrated ibuprofen liquid.
11:21 PM A 24-year-old female is calling concerned because she is feeling dizzy and nauseous after applying some paint thinner earlier while at work.
11:24 PM Mother reported that her 12-year-old son ingested one tramadol 100 mg tablet by mistake instead of acetaminophen.
11:30 PM A healthy 7-year-old mistakenly thought fiber gummies were the real gummy bear candy and ingested about 25 gummies. Parents followed the instruction on label to call Poison Center if there was an overdose.
11:32 PM A 53-year-old female calls to ask if her shower could be causing some kind of chemical burn due to her sensitive skin.
11:32 PM A nurse calling from a children’s hospital to report a 14-year-old female who ingested unknown quantity and strength of melatonin last night.
11:41 PM A 911-transfer to poison control reported a wife who is concerned over her 71-year-old husband taking his nightly meds twice by accident, buspirone 20mg, hydrocodone 20mg, and oxybutynin.

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