10:14 AM A 63-year-old thinks he might have adverse side effects from correctly taking his prescription anticoagulant medication.
10:22 AM Emergency department nurse calling because a 19-year-old male overdosed on of his clonazepam, taking 20-25 tablets.
10:30 AM Caller rents out a basement and is concerned about an oppressive odor similar to a skunk that permeates upstairs and would like to know if it might be Skunk Weed.
10:31 AM A 20-year-old female called after ingesting around a tablespoonful of Sun Triple Clean Oxi laundry detergent from a water bottle.
10:45 AM Mom said 3-year-old son possibly ate 1 missing oral contraceptive tablet.
10:52 AM A 911 dispatch has a unit in route to a home of a 74-year-old man who intentionally ingested an unknown amount of antifreeze 5-10 minutes ago.
10:54 AM Emergency department nurse calling because a 20-year-old female overdosed on 60 tablets of Xanax (alprazolam) and two handfuls of Tylenol (acetaminophen) 9 hours ago.
10:57 AM Father calling about his 3-week old child who accidentally was fed concentrated baby formula the past 24 hours.

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