This medication is generally used alone or in combination with other medications to lower blood pressure, treat ADHD, or manage symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Via certain pathways this medication lowers the strength of the out flowing signal from the brain that controls the resistance of arteries and veins thus lowering blood pressure. When someone, especially a small child, takes this medication and it is not prescribed to them there is a risk of dangerously low blood pressure, low heart rate, and even decreased breathing. While adults have survived acute ingestions as high as 100 milligrams, as little as 0.1 milligram (one single tablet) has been shown to cause symptoms in toddlers. It is important to remember that this medication comes in pill and patch forms. Per the FDA when there is a used or unused patch that must be disposed it is important to ensure safe disposal. The safest way to do this is to fold the patch in half or put two together with the sticky sides touching then flush the patch or patches down the toilet.