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Clinical Toxicology Fellowship (PharmD)

The Georgia Poison Center (GPC), a department of the Grady Health System, is seeking qualified applicants for a twelve (12)-month PGY2 fellowship or twenty-four (24)-month PGY1 residency/PGY2 fellowship in clinical toxicology. The goal of the clinical toxicology fellowship is to train a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) graduate to function in a professional, administrative, and research capacity in a regional poison center, clinical toxicology service, and/or academic environment. The GPC also serves as an active learning and training site for pharmacy students and residents in clinical pharmacy practice.


The GPC, which is certified and accredited by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, is a non-profit organization that provides 24-hour per day poison treatment advice to the public, physicians, nurses, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals. Our services help to reduce the severity of poisonings and in many cases save lives. The program may extend through a one (1) or two (2)-year period, depending on whether the applicant has completed a PGY-1 residency prior to acceptance into the Clinical Toxicology Fellowship. If the applicant will be completing the 24-month combined PGY1 residency/PGY2 fellowship program the first year will be spent primarily at Grady Health, focusing on developing general clinical pharmacy skills. First the fellow will spend the year at Grady Memorial Hospital engaging in direct patient care, rounding with medical teams, enhancing presentation and research skills, and developing leadership qualities. During the second year of the combined PGY1/PGY2 program, or if the applicant will only be completing the 12-month PGY2 fellowship, they will be primarily at the Georgia Poison Center, focusing on the development of clinical toxicology skills and management of poisoned patients.

As a PGY-2 fellow at the Georgia poison center, you will:


After successful completion of a clinical toxicology fellowship at the GPC, the fellow will be able to:


ASHP Midyear

Our current fellow (Elizabeth Silver, PharmD) will be at the 2018 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA from December 2nd to December 6th. If you are interested in discussing the program further please email her at to set up a meet and greet. She will also be available at the Grady Health System booth during the residency showcase.


Candidates applying for the 12-month program (PGY2 fellowship only) – CLICK HERE

Candidates applying for the 24-month program (Combined PGY1 residency/PGY2 fellowship) – CLICK HERE

To request more information, contact Gaylord Lopez, PharmD, DABAT at or Stephanie Hon, PharmD, DABAT at for more information.

Past Fellows

2016-2017 Alexandra R. King, PharmD, DABAT – Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine and Toxicology, Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, NC


2015-2016 Lindsay Schaack, PharmD, DABAT – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Emergency Medicine, Wellstar Paulding Hospital, Hiram, GA


2014-2015 Natalija Farrell, PharmD, BCPS, DABAT – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Emergency Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI



2012-2013 Dayne Laskey, PharmD, DABAT – University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy, Hartford, CT


2011-2012 Sara Miller, PharmD, DABAT – Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine and Toxicology, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, GA


2010-2011 Rachel Gorodetsky, PharmD, DABAT  – Clinical Assistant Professor, D’Youville College, Buffalo NY


2007-2008 Stephanie Hon, PharmD, DABAT – Assistant Director, Operations Manager of the Georgia Poison Center, Atlanta, GA